10 Words of Affirmation that Your Follower Needs to Hear

As promised, we're following up on our original post 10 Words of Affirmation to Say to Your Leader. This time around, it's the leaders' turn to say something positive to their partners and spark a deeper connection. 

Love may be a battlefield (according to the 80s song by singer Pat Benatar), but partner dancing is not. We don't want dance partners to end up like the couple in this salsa meme. So keep the conflict or brutal honesty to a minimum and remember that you're partners, not enemies.

Here's our list of the 10 words of affirmation that your follower needs to hear. You'll thank us later when your follower relaxes into your frame and follows your lead. 

  1. It's safe for you to just be 
  2. You're my favorite follower to dance with
  3. I got your back on the dance floor
  4. You're easy to lead
  5. I appreciate you trusting me to navigate the dance 
  6. Your energy and the way you carry yourself inspires me to lead
  7. You flow so naturally when we dance
  8. Thank you for listening and responding to my signals
  9. It gives me great pleasure to see you enjoy yourself in the dance
  10. Your role in this dance is equally valuable to mine as leader

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