8 Counts to Intimacy

No offense but "Netflix and chill" is a quickie to intimacy. It's low cost, convenient and over before the movie credits. We don't know about you but "Netflix and chill" doesn't give us the shivers like Ed Sheeran describes in his new hit song. It's more likely to lead to late nights alone after the deed is done.

Like most Netflix and chillers, we crave those feel-good moments that send shivers through our bodies. The difference is that we'd trade Netflix and chill for a few counts of dancing in a heartbeat. 

Inspired by the shivers we feel from partner dancing, check out our steps to building intimacy. We also created a "Nature and chill" inspo reels on Instagram when you're in the mood for Netflix-free intimacy. Why settle for Netflix and chill when you can experience a long-lasting journey to connection.

partner dancing and intimacy

Step 1: Plan a date for screen-free quality time 

We know it's hard to leave your phone or electronic devices alone but redirecting your attention is a positive step towards intimacy. We love partner dancing because it eliminates the distraction of technology and directs our focus to the present moment. Unplugging is the ultimate tradeoff for quality time together. 

Step 2: Role play to kindle the energetic attraction

The key word here is play. Engaging in a physical activity where you can be wild as the wind, laugh together and experience pure fun can ignite attraction. Partner dancing involves role playing because one person plays the leader and the other person plays the follower. The two roles are like a match and a striking board. Voila! Sparks will ignite and you'll feel an energetic attraction between you and your partner.

Step 3: Get in closed position

Closed position is our favorite dance position because it creates non-sexual physical intimacy between two people like holding hands or hugging. If you're open to feeling closer to your partner, then this position is ideal. In partner dancing, closed position requires a strong frame to move together and withstand any challenges that may arise in the partnership. 

Step 4: Dance and let your bodies talk

The best part of partner dancing is that it's a nonverbal, face-to-face conversation. We don't get to hide behind the comforts of our electronic screens. Instead, we communicate with our bodies and energy like smiling, making eye-contact and being present. 



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