Salsa Improvisation: Expectation v. Reality

If you need a good belly laugh, social media has a plethora of memes that capture the true life of a social dancer. Maybe MTV should produce another true life series that focuses on the funny-but-not-so-funny moments that social dancers experience.

This blog post is based on a true follower's story. Perhaps you might find it relatable to your dance life.

If you embody the follower's role in social dance, then you've learned to have zero expectations. Why? Because anything is bound to happen within the span of a song. Maybe the leader will turn you this or that way. Maybe the leader will try tricks that you've never done. Who knows! It's a big ol' surprise. That's exactly why followers must stay present in the dance. Otherwise, not knowing what the next step is can cause anxiety. 

While the leader navigates a follower in the dance, there is a caveat. At any given point, the leader can let go and set the follower free for at least 8 counts so that they can shine on their own. This is where improvising kicks in. The reality is that sometimes your brain freezes when you're put on the spot. When you need it the most, you can't remember any of the shine patterns that you learned in Salsa class. So you're hoping your leader sees the "I'm lost" in your eyes and saves the dance with a cross-body lead. 

To best illustrate this real-life dance moment, we created a meme and hope you enjoy a good laugh!





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