Based on a True Follower's Story

The inspiration behind our quotes are based on true stories, which is why our content is so relatable. From back-leading to catching feelings on the dance floor, the stories can go on for many counts. 

Beyond consuming our content, we hope to inspire you to write your own affirmations and quotes because you're a creator too with a story. To get your creative brain juices flowing, we're sharing a few writing prompts. 

Before we jump into the prompts, it's best to jot down your thoughts and ideas in a journal so that you can return to them later for inspiration. Don't forget that inspiration can hit anywhere and when you least expect it. So we also recommend the notes app on your phone when you don't have your journal on hand.

Ready, set, write!

1. Think of a dance insecurity that you've struggled with and write it down (Ex. I have no rhythm or I can't lead). Look in the mirror and write down something positive that you would tell yourself in response to your insecurity (Ex. I am rhythm or I am learning how to lead one step at a time). Feel free to use "I" or "you" statements.

2. Think of the most recent partnerwork session that you had. Do you recall an insecurity that your partner expressed out loud? Or maybe you expressed something about your partner out loud (Ex. My partner has two left feet). In either scenario, write down something positive that you noticed about your partner (Ex. My partner led a turn so smoothly) and frame it into a positive affirmation that you can tell your partner next time.

3. Think of a dance moment (positive or negative) and write down the biggest take-away or what you learned from that moment (Ex. I learned that following is a powerful role and I am not less important than a leader).

The more you tune into yourself and write, the easier the words will flow. If you want to bring your words to life, the Canva app is an amazing tool for creators!



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