Salsa & Chill or Brunchata Party

Birthdays only come once a year and should be celebrated with a happy dance! Do you have an upcoming birthday and wish to do something super fun and interactive with your friends and family? Keep reading and your wish is our command.

Most dance studios are happy to host your birthday party concurrently with their social events. Socials are a plus because you don't have to worry about the venue or the DJ. And, the highlight of the night is the birthday circle dance that you enjoy with your guests. 

The only problem is that socials are for people who have a rapport with social dancing. So your non-dancer friends might feel lost or left out of all the fun dancing.

We're sharing two birthday party ideas that your non-dancer friends will enjoy and feel a part of the festivities. Think of "Paint & Sip," but the social dance version.

Salsa & Chill

For this type of dance party, you and your friends get your Salsa on for 45 minutes to an hour with a private group lesson. After the lesson, you chill with your favorite alcoholic beverage (if you're 21 years and older) and appetizers like chips and Salsa.

Contact your local dance studio for more information about a private group Salsa class as a birthday party package. Or, you can book a Salsa instructor to teach at the venue or location of your choice. Pricing can also vary. So shop around or negotiate the costs to stay within your party budget. 


Brunch + Bachata = Brunchata!

Part one of your birthday bash is a brunch at your favorite restaurant with your friends and family. After brunch is when the party starts with an introductory private group Bachata lesson. What's more fun than you and your friends dancing together and channeling your inner sensuality?

We hope that you love these ideas for your next birthday party, bachelorette, a girl's night out or whatever occasion you're celebrating.

Friends and family that celebrate together, dance together!

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