Dancing to "I Do"

The length of a song is the maximum amount of time that you can choose to dance with someone. Most songs range from 3 to 5 minutes long. After the song ends, you can freely go your separate way and never dance with that person again. 

For many, the greatest accomplishment is to find a lifelong partner to dance through the seasons of life with. The first wedding dance is symbolic of this lifelong commitment.

As couples embark on this lifelong dance, I created the "Falling in Trust" and "Leading with Trust" t-shirts with you in mind. The journey to "I Do" involves many days and hours of preparation. Therefore, it's no surprise that many couples take ballroom dance lessons to prepare for their big day. During these lessons, challenges might arise while learning how to dance together.

When you grow frustrated with your partner, let the words remind you to approach life one dance a time. Each dance will be different and might not be as perfect as your first wedding dance. The songs will change too. But the lessons from the journey to "I Do" will guide you.


- Lider x Falouer



Image: Created with Canva

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