Will You Be My Dance Partner?

Depending on your life goals, the greatest accomplishment is to find a partner to dance through the seasons of life with. Sometimes it takes a single or dozens of dances to find "the one." 

In this blog post, we're exploring how the simple question "Will you be my dance partner?" can lead into three different types of relationships. The choice is yours if you want a partner for one dance only, business or for life.

dancer meme by lider x falouer

One Dance Flings

Most dances are brief and only last for a song. If you do the math, that's about three to five minutes long (unless it's a live Salsa band who have reputations for playing ridiculously long sets). Once the song ends, you go your separate ways and can choose to never dance with that same person again. Any sweet nothings that your partner expressed during the dance, fade away with the song too.

We call these dance partnerships "one dance flings." There's no long-term commitment or any ties. It's all about enjoying the dance in the moment. So you are partners for one dance only.

Strictly Business Partners

Next, you have the strictly-platonic, business dance partnerships. Many professional dancers partner up because it's great for business. You travel worldwide, compete and make money together. People on the outside also assume that you're together-together because of the undeniable chemistry you have on stage. 

It's generally a no-no for dance partners to mix business with pleasure because if they break up, then their business partnership is likely to break up too. We've seen exceptions to the rule. Some business dance partners have evolved into romantic relationships and have found great success in mixing business and pleasure. But, it's still a no-no for us. 

Partners Until Death Do Us Part

Last, partners for life is the ultimate dance couple goals. This is the partner you commit to forever and say "I do." The one you eat wedding cake with and share your "first dance" to an overrated wedding song like "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran. The one you know will dance with you through sickness and health and until death do you part. This one is our favorite dance partnership of all!








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