Dancing with a Stranger

"Do I need a partner?" is the most common question that people ask before committing to a ballroom or Salsa dance class.

Whether you're single or your significant other isn't open to taking dance classes, a partner isn't necessary. In fact, you'll share dances with many partners. 

While every dance studio structures their classes differently, students learn the basic steps and technique during the first half of class. Teachers reserve partnerwork for the second half. 

The most fun part of partnerwork is rotating partners. Depending on the number of students and the ratio of leaders to followers, it's likely to dance with at least three different partners. So you're not tied at the hip to the same person for the whole class.

The least fun part is the initial awkwardness felt while dancing with a stranger, but it wears off after a few dances (hopefully).

The goal is to master the art of connection no matter who you dance with. So what's holding you back? Spice up your life and dance with a stranger!



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