Dating: Leader Meets Follower

Nowadays, we've lost quite a bit of the magic of face-to-face interactions. In the guise of efficiency, singles or "singleish" people put their faith in the algorithms and swipe left or right on various dating apps in the hopes of finding a compatible match. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. According to the Pew Research Center, Americans have neutral views about the success of online dating.  

While we believe that it's possible to find love on a dating app, nothing compares to the innate human desire for meaningful connection. The months of isolation during the Coronovirus pandemic amplified this desire for many online daters. Why? Because digital interactions will never compare to a real hug, kiss, hand-hold or in-your-face conversation.

If we expanded our brand and created a matchmaking service for singles, it would be inspired and modeled after social dancing. Social dancing is a successful way to mingle and meet people outside of your social circle. And, it promotes meaningful connections.  

We'd name our courtship service "Leader Meets Follower" and keep the same tagline – A Journey to Connection. 

Since it's very confusing about who initiates the date or who pays, we would solve this issue by dividing singles into two categories: Leader or Follower. Regardless of gender, we would ask singles preliminary questions to assess their dominant energy (masculine/feminine). Based on their responses, singles would be divided into their respective leader (masculine energy) or follower (feminine energy) roles. For example, if a person prefers to plan or be the initiator, then their dominant energy is likely masculine. Vice versa, if a person prefers to be courted or pursued, then their dominant energy is likely feminine. 

In social dancing, compatible matches only exist between a leader and a follower. Two leaders or two followers will never work on the dance floor or in dating. In a prior blog, we included a breakdown of the dynamics of energy

Once a match between a leader and a follower happens, the leader has the choice to initiate the first conversation with the matched follower(s) via email, chat or a phone call. If the initial conversations go well, the leader has the option of asking the follower on a first date. Our proposal for the first date would be a Salsa or ballroom dance class. For safety reasons, dance classes are in a public setting. Also, an interactive dance class is a fun way to break the ice and enjoy being present in the moment. 

After the first date, our services would end. We believe that singles should have full agency over their romantic lives and mutually decide if the initial chemistry is worth further exploring. If the match is unsuccessful, then singles would repeat the process and connect with other matches. It's also worth noting that there are other factors relevant to compatibility beyond energy. Therefore, our service would only focus on an initial connection based on dominant energy. The rest is up to the singles to learn and figure out. 

Let us know what you think about our brilliant matchmaking idea! Even though our matchmaking courting service is not currently available in the marketplace, we encourage singles to take this approach in their love lives. You don't need to pay tons of money to apply this approach. Like social dancing, find out what your dominant energy is and embody that role. Then, find ways to connect with your polar opposite. Maybe you'll find a lifelong dance partner! 

Ultimately, social dancing proves that opposite energies not only attract in dance but in real life too. 

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