Warning: Don't Catch Feelings on the Dance Floor

WARNING FOR ALL SOCIAL DANCERS: The dance rooms you enter may contain polarity in the air. Please do not catch any feelings on the dance floor. It's just a dance. 

We feel that it's our duty to be transparent and give you a fair warning about a common phenomenon in partner dancing — catching feelings.

Dancing with a partner is an intimate experience. Therefore, it's not uncommon to develop a dance crush or to feel something more than a dance. In one of our blogs, we briefly touched upon how polarity happens when opposite energies attract in dance. So if you're playing your roles correctly in the dance, then you might feel a natural chemistry with your partner and mistake it for something else.

While there are "dance situationships" where the feelings are real and partners decide to explore their chemistry further, tread with caution. Otherwise, you'll be feeling heartbroken like this dancer in the below meme we created.

To the extent possible, guard your heart and lock up any feelings that might escape when you dance. We know from experience that the friend zone is a safe place to be.


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