Following Is My Superpower

Following is an underrated art in partner dance. Deeply ingrained societal beliefs that leaders are strong and followers are weak are part of the blame. So when new followers enter the dance partnership with their pre-conceived notions of the roles, they often feel inferior and undermine their power in the dance. Today, we're changing this narrative because following is a superpower!

We're calling all followers to claim their power before every dance. Embrace the unique qualities that set you apart from and complement your leaders. 

You are a keen listener.
You are creative.
You are receptive.
You are yin energy.
You are in your body.
You are pleasure.
You are flow.
You are present.
You are playful. 
You are radiant.
You are trusting.
You are enough.

It's also worth mentioning that leaders love the unique qualities that make you a follower and will draw them in like the picture below.

To help you embody your power as a follower, we designed the new "Following Is My Superpower" t-shirt





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