How to Role Play in 4 Steps

Have you read our new poem "Role Play: The Subtle Art of Following" yet?! If not, then come back to this post after you read it. It's best to read the poem a few times to catch the subtleties of the interaction between the leader and follower. Following that poem as a roadmap, we're breaking down how to play the role of a follower in four steps. Afterwards, test yourself and see if you can find examples of embodiment, positioning, communication and polarity within the poem.

Step 1: Embodiment

  • Feminine energy is at the heart of following. To channel your feminine energy, just be
  • Wear clothing and colors that feel good. Clothing affects our state of being. 
  • Slow down your movements including your walk.
  • Be present and in your body.

Step 2: Positioning

  • Go out and enjoy your own company.
  • Be in a visible area where you're likely to be seen.
  • Be mindful of the energy you give off.
  • Be open and available to be pursued.
  • Be mysterious.
  • Inspire action by being yourself. 

Step 3: Communication

  • Communicate with open body language (Ex. eye contact, smizing, uncrossed arms, etc.).
  • Pay attention to signs of interest and choose whether to engage.
  • Listen to your body.

Step 4: Polarity

  • Dance with masculine energy to create polarity.
  • Receive leadership as a gift.
  • Feel the goodness of submission.
  • Honor the differences between the masculine and feminine.


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