I Am Worthy of a Dance

Sharing a dance with someone is a worthwhile experience whether it's a date night, at a social or the first dance with your husband or wife. Yet, some people feel robbed of that experience.

It's common to hear of people face rejection when they ask others to dance and receive flat-out noes. In fact, a "yes" is never guaranteed in dance. However, it's worth mentioning the invisible people who rarely (or never) receive offers to dance and feel the same sting of rejection.

Within the social dance community, many women have shared their experiences of never gracing the dance floor because no one asked them to dance. They shed light on the culture of dance socials where people only dance with people they know or who they deem to be "good enough." So if you bore an unfamiliar or foreign face, you likely stood no chance to dance.

Due to feeling invisible, many of those women (who were followers) took control of their situation and learned how to lead instead. They felt that switching roles opened up a door to the dance floor that was often closed off to them.

We dedicate this post to all the leaders and followers who've felt rejected on the dance floor. We wanted to remind you that you are WORTHY of a dance.


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