I Don't Need a Leader

"I don't need a leader," said no follower ever.

Even if you've never said those exact words, your energy and body language speak louder.

For example, do you play by your own rules on the dance floor? Do you turn or take steps that your dance partner did not lead? Do you criticize your leader's every move and think you know best?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you're sending a strong message to leaders. "I don't need you in this dance" is what your leader will register.

A follower understands the power of leadership in partner dancing and how the roles complement one another.

Here are two compelling examples of how leaders complement followers.

Leaders take care of the steps and navigate the dance. The leader drives the dance while the follower enjoys the ride from the passenger seat. The follower's role, however, is far from passive. The follower helps move the dance forward by receiving and responding to the leader's signals.

Leaders provide safety and structure. A follower's nature is to flow in the dance. Therefore, the leader's frame allows the follower to flow freely while maintaining a connection throughout the dance. Followers need leaders to stay on track and on time.

What better way to inspire leadership on and off the dance floor than to wear our Leaders Are My Type t-shirt. Since leaders need followers too, we created the matching Followers Are My Type t-shirt.

Without a doubt, leaders and followers are a match-made on the dance floor!

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