I Don't Need a T-Shirt

If the title of this blog resonates with you, you're not alone and we're thinking out loud for you. Why do you need a t-shirt with some so-called positive message on it? The truth is, you don't need a t-shirt at all and you're better off saving your coins. 

Feeling good about yourself is an inside job and it'll take more than a t-shirt to overcome your dance insecurities. However, you still have the power to choreograph your journey to connection and we hope that you reach a place where you've embodied the role that you feel most aligned with (leader/masculine energy or follower/feminine energy). 

Depending on where you are in your journey, our t-shirts reflect the different stages of embodiment, positioning, communication and polarity that dancers experience in partner dancing. For example, the Leader/Follower Definition t-shirts represent the embodiment stage where you play your role in the dance and channel the appropriate energy. 

The Leaders/Followers Are My Type t-shirts represent the positioning stage where you create the space to attract your opposite on and off the dance floor. 

The I am Fluent in Lead and Follow t-shirt is the communication stage where you've mastered how to engage in the conversation of dance. 

And the best stage of all is when both partners honor their differences and feel the polarity as represented by our Polarity Is In the Air t-shirt. 

So while we agree that you don't need a t-shirt, help us spread our mission by simply embodying who you are! The more aligned we feel with ourselves, the more we'll ignite polarity in the air. 

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