I'm a Social Dancer with Anti-Social Tendencies

Is it me or do you sometimes prefer less talking and more dancing?

As the name suggests, "social dancing" involves interaction with others. More powerfully, it's an exchange of energy. 

Because energy is transferable, I can only handle small doses of people's energy at a time. This means that I often need to disconnect to recharge. For example, I'm that girl, who you'll find reading a book on a Saturday night than out partying. I enjoy more alone time than being in social settings.

On the flip side, I love meeting people, whom I likely would not cross paths with in my daily life. So social dancing gives me the right dose of connection and balance that I need. The greatest thing is that I don't have to be a social butterfly to fit in the social dance world. The magic of the dance is that we don't need to say a word at all. Our bodies talk instead.

So this message is for all the anti-social dancers out there like me! 


- Lider x Falouer 



Image: Created with Canva

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