Leaders Run the (Dance) World? But Beyoncé Said…

Once and for all, we're settling the elephant in the room – who runs the world?

A decade ago, queen Beyoncé released a catchy anthem to empower girls and women all over the world. According to her, they run the world (and rightfully so)! 

Confusion ensued when the Beyhive entered the social dance world. In that world, men traditionally lead and the women follow. Naturally, the women pushed back from this so-called "traditional" lead and follow rule. Why? Because Beyoncé said otherwise and her word is bond. 

Leaders, now you know who to blame for the confusion over power. (Beyhive - please forgive us for throwing our beloved Beyoncé under the bus). 

So to answer the question as diplomatically as possible, you both run the world (depending on which world you're referring to).

In your world, you may run everything that comes under the sun. But in the social dance world, leaders run the dance.

As much as we love Beyoncé, her anthem holds little weight in the social dance world. When you're on that dance floor, it's you, your leader and the music. Beyoncé is somewhere far living her best life and running her own world. 

So we can finally call a truce and end this long-standing war. Let's partner up and dance to celebrate!

P.S. Let the leaders run the dance because we know who (really) runs the world ;)

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