Social Latin Dancing Taught Me How to be Feminine and Let a Man Lead

Before I took my first Salsa and Bachata classes, I worked in a male-dominated industry. Arguing was the sport we played. Every day, we fought for someone's rights and strategized on how to win the case. As a woman, I also felt pressured to prove that I was equal to my male counterparts. This meant operating in masculine energy 8+ hours a day.

Back then, I didn't understand the power of energy and how my career didn't align with my natural feminine self. Day by day, I felt mentally exhausted and trapped. I didn't like confrontation or arguing every day, but it was part of the job. I didn't like competing with the men to prove my worth. I was tired of playing this masculine-driven sport. 

Looking back, social Latin dancing was the dose I needed to channel my feminine energy. The problem was that I was stuck in masculine energy mode. Although we have both masculine and feminine energy, there must be a balance like the principle of "yin and yang." Social dancing represented this balance because the man leads the dance and the woman follows him.

It took months of resistance before I embraced my role in social dancing. Nowadays, I happily let go of control and receive the gift of connection in return. I know how to be and leaders love dancing with me.

I'm sharing my experience because I'm not the only woman, who operated primarily in masculine energy to survive circumstances at work, home or a relationship. I've learned through dancing that there's another way. It's ok to rest in my femininity and let a man lead. 


- Lider x Falouer



Image: Created with Canva 


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