The Fruit Snacks Challenge, Patience x COVID-19 Order Delays

Have you seen the trending fruit snacks challenge? If not, parents are testing the patience of their children by leaving them alone for less than a minute with their favorite snacks. The catch is that the child can't eat the snacks until the parent returns. It's amusing to watch the dilemma these children face - to eat or not eat the fruit snacks while mommy or daddy step away momentarily.

Most children wait until their parents return and give the green light to eat the snacks. Other children surrender to their desires and eat the snacks right away. No matter what route the child takes, the end result is the same - the sweet pleasure of eating the snacks!

It's no doubt that COVID-19 has affected our realities and tested our patience, faith and much more. As we continue to adapt to a new normal, I am grateful for your continuing support and patience during this challenging time. It might take longer than usual to receive your empowerment t-shirt, but like the fruit snacks challenge, some things are worth the wait!


- Lider x Falouer



Image: Created with Canva

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