Polarity Is In the Air

Have you ever walked into a dance social and felt like something was in the air? Or felt something more after a casual dance?

If so, blame it on polarity.

Polarity happens when opposite energies attract.

In partner dance, the leader embodies masculine energy and the follower embodies feminine energy. When they align, the polarizing energy feels magnetic and like fleeting moments of love. Polarity explains why most dance partners start off as friends but grow into lovebirds.

Our Polarity Is in the Air t-shirt is a reminder to check your energy in the dance. If you don't feel the magnetic energy, then you might be on the wrong dance floor or with an incompatible dance partner.


WARNING: It's just a dance and Lider x Falouer is not responsible for any feelings caught on the dance floor while wearing the Polarity Is In the Air t-shirt.


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