Role Play: The Subtle Art of Following

Like an actress, I dressed the part and fully embodied the role.
But I wasn't acting.
I was being. 
My vulnerability exposed.

As I walked across the room, my energy was too profound to miss.
I rested in the shadows and my light illuminated the darkness.
Magnetized by the aura, your eyes searched for a glimpse of my presence. 
A scintilla of interest was all that you needed to pursue the mysterious light.

Hide and seek.
Your eyes found mine and they smiled.
I felt seen.
Your signal received.

As you moved toward the light, your hand asked for mine.
Proposal accepted.

You drew me close to your frame and swayed me to a beautiful rhythm.
Your leadership was a gift and submission felt so good.
Eyes closed, I felt the depths of my being as you dipped me into a deep abyss.

You penetrated my core until our energy kissed.

The cycle of giving and receiving repeated.
We were dancing.
Engaged in a dangerous game of role playing. 



Poem written by Lider x Falouer

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