Save the First Dance For Me

"It's been an immeasurable amount of counts since our last conversation and I miss you tremendously." - Lider x Falouer

In this quote, we're not talking about an old lover or a friend. That would be too cliché. We're talking about the conversations of dance. We don't know about you but social disdancing definitely made our hearts grow fonder.

Think of the last conversation you shared with someone? How did you feel? What did you talk about? Were you present? What did your body convey?

As you know, partner dancing is a powerful form of communication. Words are often unspoken yet we say so much with our hands, our faces, our eyes and our bodies. The conversations feel intimate and bring us closer.

As the social dance scene adjusts to a new reality and is making up for lost time, we feel grateful for the conversations we can share again. We also can't help but to think of the long lost dances with people who are no longer here or who are busy mending the broken pieces.

So until we speak again, save the first dance for us. The last dance is too long to bear.

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