So You Think You Can't Social Dance?

If you think you can't social dance, it's not you. It's the negative voice that loves to feed off insecurities and tell us that we can't do something or we're not good enough. Right now, we're calling out that negative voice and telling it, "I can social dance!"

Mastering the dance takes time. You're not expected to become a social dancing star overnight. So we're sharing fifteen affirmations to motivate you along the way. Repeat these affirmations as necessary until that negative voice starts believing them too.

I am good enough to follow any leader.
I am good enough to lead any follower.
I trust my partner in the dance.
I manifest rhythm the way I feel it.
I feel connected to my body, my partner and the music.

In my eyes, I am the best view on the dance floor.
I am conscious of the energy flowing in and out of the dance.
I am fluent in leading and following.
I love the way I social dance.
I follow the natural flow of the dance.

I love how my body reacts when that conga hits.
I surrender control and receive the gift of connection in return. 
I attract my polar opposite on the dance floor.
I am open to where the dance goes.
I tap into my masculine energy or feminine energy.


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