Social Dance Led Me to Myself

This post is based on a true follower's story.

Once upon a time, there was a back-leader (aka a person who has yet to experience the powerful state of being a follower)She had everything that represented success in modern society from a master's degree in doing to an impeccable appearance on face and on paper. She moved to her own rhythm and had no experience in the art of following. Leading and controlling every step of her life was the only way she knew how to dance.  

The more she danced to modern-day's definition of success, the more lost she felt. With every step that she took, she fell off beat until she lost her rhythm completely. 

She needed an intervention. 

Unbeknownst to her, the Universe had her back and knew the remedy she needed – a dose of connection. So the Universe hand-picked the finest leader and set up a dance between them. His masculine frame and strength stood out from the rest. He could lead a person anywhere with his keen sense of direction and knew the right amount of energy to give to get there. Without a doubt, he was the right leader to take her on a life-changing journey to connection.

The journey was far from easy. She was guarded and resisted his leadership. She reverted to what felt familiar – going her own way. As the tension grew strong from her end, he remained patient and grounded in his masculine energy. He never resorted to force and created a safe space for her to be instead. 

Dance by dance, she fell in trust with him. She learned how to follow his leads wholeheartedly and give herself permission to receive. As she danced into the unknown, she discovered a new way of being. 

By the end of the dance, he led her back home to her divine feminine self. She bloomed into the most beautiful follower and the Universe smiled.

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