Self-Care Saturdays

Happy Saturday!

We know it's the end of the week but what better way to enter a fresh week than with a self-care activity.

Pause your hustle mode and the need to check off everything on today's to-do list.

Take a few counts and breathe.

Feel your body transition to zen mode.

We show gratitude to the Universe by being present. 

Today and every day moving forward, we challenge you to treat yourself to at least one self-care activity. The activity is for your pleasure only. So give yourself permission to receive.

To jumpstart the challenge, take a walk at your local park without your cell phone or stretch to instrumental music. Go to your local bookstore and browse for a good-read and sit at a corner to read a few chapters. For our busy bees, take your lunch break instead of eating at your desk and doing work.

For us, social dancing is one of our favorite self-care activities. We can always count on Salsa or Bachata to feel good and rejuvenated. So we will be dancing into the new week!

What about you? Are you willing to risk your everlasting to-do list for a moment of self-care? Choose wisely and may the consequences be in your favor.  









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