Thank You x Infinity

Gratitude humbles me and reminds me that I didn't create this brand alone. So, thank you x infinity!

Thanks to the universe for leading me to an unforeseen path. I'm learning that life is not linear, and it's ok to swerve along the way. 

Thanks to my parents for creating me and giving me the tools to build my success. I wouldn't be who I am today without the values you instilled upon me.

Thanks to my sister. You were the first person I shared this t-shirt idea with and didn't make me feel crazy for pursuing it. Your creative spirit finally rubbed off on me. 

Thanks to my dance teacher for creating a studio that sparks joy for me and many others. Dancing at your studio changed my life, and I'm excited to grow as a social Latin dancer. I got a lifetime to go!

Thanks to Zara Watson, who made my idea a reality by walking me through the legal process of creating a brand and business. I truly appreciate your expertise and legal help with my journey.

Thanks to Tyler Henry (Tre) for capturing beautiful pictures of my t-shirt designs. It was a pleasure working together.

Thanks to the model for showing off the versatility of my t-shirts and becoming an ambassador for the brand. I will repay you with lifetime t-shirts.

Thanks to my friends and family for inspiring me to dream bigger and share my creativity with the world.

Lastly, thank YOU for walking on this journey to connection with me!


- Lider x Falouer 



Image: Canva



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