The Masculine Frame

Like most of you, we've been to many places from the local park, Disney and even the breathtaking island of Hawaii. But you'll be shocked to know what our favorite place of all is.

Drum roll…

Out of all the places that we've been to, the masculine frame is our favorite place to be. If you're a follower by nature (not just in dancing), then you might feel the same way (or not).

In partner dancing, you've likely heard the analogy that the leader is the vase or container and the follower is the water that flows within the container. 

In other words, the leader provides structure for the follower to move in the dance. A follower feels safe, supported and free to rest in feminine energy. The ability to just be is one of the best gifts that a follower receives from a leader.

Nowadays, most followers operate in their masculine energy at work or other areas of their lives. So partner dancing is an opportunity to let go and rest inside a leader's frame. And we don't mean to be passive or do nothing when we say "rest". Think of how flowers be. They receive sun, rain and radiate without exerting energy. 

So the masculine frame might not be like a vacation to Mexico or the Maldives, but it's the favorite place for followers to be. The masculine frame feels like home.



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