The Social Experience

If you dream of becoming a social dancing star, classes alone aren't going to cut it!

The dance classroom is where you learn the ABCs of social dance. Once you've learned the basics, the next step is to level up and go to socials.

Dance socials are the playgrounds for social dancers. No teacher to follow. No choreographed steps to dance to. And no limit on how many people you dance with. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is the fastest way to become fluent in the language of social dance.

For the first time, it's best to attend the social at your local studio because you'll see familiar faces from dance class. Once you get comfortable, you're free to explore socials hosted by other dance studios. As you level up on your dance journey, we're sharing an inside look of what to expect on your first social experience.

Free Class Before the Party Starts

Most dance socials offer a free beginner Salsa or Bachata class before the party officially starts. These classes are a warm up and help break the ice. While the seasoned dancers are home getting ready, take the free class to shake off any nerves.

Separate Dance Rooms

Some socials have separate dance rooms for Salsa, Bachata and other styles of dance. Therefore, if you're into Salsa and hate Bachata, you can choose to dance in your preferred room. Otherwise, it's fun to alternate between the separate rooms if you're open to experiencing other styles of dance.

Social Etiquette Rules

Social dancing is all about body language and communication. Therefore, you'll learn the social etiquette rules "on and off" the dance floor including how to properly ask someone to dance and how to accept or politely decline an offer. First impressions and understanding social cues matter within the dance community. 


Unlike dance class, there's no teacher at the social to choreograph the steps for you. Therefore, it's on you to interpret the music and improvise the steps. The more socials you attend, the more your improvisation and musicality skills will improve. 

Speed Dancing or Observing from the Sidelines

The energy at each social will be different. If it's a social where everyone dances with everyone no matter the skill level, then you're most likely to put in a fair amount of dances with different partners. This will feel like speed dancing. If you're not dancing as much, there's still an opportunity to learn by observing your peers. 

Tighter than Usual Dancing Space

Depending on the venue and number of attendees, socials are often packed. Therefore, expect to dance within a small area. Keeping your steps and movements small help prevent injuries or collisions with other dancers. 

Performance Showcase

Mid-way through the social (usually when the clock strikes midnight), there's a performance showcase by semi-professional or professional dance teams. The showcase is the entertainment of the night and might inspire you to try-out and join a dance team. 

We hope you find the inside information valuable and enjoy your first social experience!

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