Things to Know About Lider x Falouer

"I follow the soft leads the Universe gives me to move in a dance created for me. The leads sound like whispers and are easy to miss when I am not listening. Every whisper impresses a message upon my conscious. I am dancing with the Universe, my leader." - Lider x Falouer

What does "Lider x Falouer" mean?

Lider x Falouer is the phonetic spelling of "leader" and "follower." A magnetic energy exists between a leader and follower when they engage in dance. Therefore, I wrote the quote, "We are magnets bound to connect through dance" to describe this magnetic energy. What's cool about this brand is that I am changing the narrative one dance at a time. When I first started dancing, I held many limiting beliefs and discovered that I wasn't alone. 

What's new with Lider x Falouer?

Writing is my thing. During the pandemic, the Universe impressed on my mind the idea to create positive affirmations for social Latin dancers. I found social media pages with general dance quotes or memes for ballroom and social Latin dancers. However, I couldn't find many original quotes tailored for leaders and followers. So, I created my own. I also wanted to give something to dancers, who might not want to purchase a shirt. The message is the same whether on paper, on a t-shirt or a digital medium. 

Where do you draw inspiration from for your t-shirt designs and quotes?

My personal social dance journey is the primary source of inspiration. I have so many memories embedded in my mind from the dance classroom to dancing in the backyard at a friend's party. If you read my quotes, you'll find that they're rooted in the limiting beliefs that I've held myself or heard my dance peers say out loud. I mostly write from the perspective of a follower because I know what I look for in a leader or how I want to feel when I dance. For example, it's more empowering to say "I am open to receive signals from my leader," than "I can't follow my leader."

What's your vision for Lider x Falouer?

I see this brand as a source of inspiration for leaders and followers worldwide. When I started this t-shirt line, I knew it would be successful because the message resonates with many. Dancers are rocking the t-shirts in and out of the dance classroom to feel good. Beginner and seasoned dancers are turning to my quotes page to shift their mindset and affirm themselves. It feels good to see my vision manifest into reality and I'm excited for wherever the Universe leads this brand. 



Image: Created with Canva

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