Unpopular Opinion: Less Is More in Social Dance

"When in doubt, basic it out." - Alex and Desiree, Academic Network of Dance

We love this dance tip from the renowned Bachata duo, Alex Morel and Desiree Godsell. If we could, we'd give this tip 1000 likes because it applies to conversations on and off the dance floor.

Think about conversations you've had with others. Do you prefer to communicate in plain words or industry jargon? If you're speaking with somone on your level, then industry jargon is appropriate. Otherwise, plain language is the default. 

You've heard it a million times but partner dancing is a non-verbal conversation. Unlike today's norm, we feel that the best conversations are the "basic" ones (unless you're both advanced). We're talking about the dances where your partner keeps it simple and you're vibing to feel-good music. No complex turns, tricks, body rolls or footwork. Just the basics.

Nowadays, we're deviating from basic dancing. Why? Because the basics are boring in this attention economy. Social dance videos with the more complicated tricks and footwork yield the most views and likes on social media. While we love to watch dance couples show off their moves flawlessly on camera, it doesn't beat a basic connection between them.

So if you share the same sentiments, let the words of Alex and Desiree guide you on the dance floor. When in doubt, basic it out!


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