What Does Lider x Falouer Mean?

New definition alert! 

It's been three months since I've officially launched this t-shirt brand. Over the past months, I've realized that most people don't know what Lider x Falouer stands for because of its unique spelling. When I created the definition t-shirts, I wanted the designs to be different. So I used the phonetic spellings of the words "leader" and "follower." I also researched the internet to make sure that no one else had a similar definition and design. I found none.

So let me define what Lider x Falouer means. It's a brand that celebrates the union of social dancers who travel together on a journey to connection.

All is welcome on this lifelong ride! I promise it's worth the conversations, exchanges of energy, turns, signals, and steps, until we reach that place of connection.


- Lider x Falouer



Image: Created with Canva


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