Partnerwork: Where Is Your Other Half?

If you attend a Salsa or Bachata class, it's rare to see a leader AND a follower teaching partnerwork. Rather, one dancer leads the whole class while the other role is missing in action.

While we applaud dancers who can embody both roles, we find it valuable for a leader to teach the leader's part and a follower to teach the follower's part. Most students need to see real-life models of the masculine and feminine roles in partner dancing to emulate.

For example, the follower's role may involve arm and body styling that's different from the leader's role. While a masculine leader may demonstrate the styling techniques for a follower to garnish the dance, a feminine follower is often the best example. 

Let us know your opinion about this topic. Do you prefer learning partnerwork from both a leader and a follower? Or, are you ok with the status quo where one person teaches both roles?

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