Purpose x Passion

Out of curiosity, I often seek the "why" behind a brand or idea. So, I'd like to share my "why" behind Lider x Falouer.

When I started social dancing a few years ago, insecurities that I thought were long gone resurfaced. Like most new followers, I struggled with trust. I found it challenging to let go and allow my partner to lead the dance. I soon discovered that I wasn't alone. I often heard other dancers express their insecurities out loud like, "I don't have rhythm," "I can't follow," or "I'm a horrible dancer." So what did we all have in common? Challenges with connecting with ourselves and others.

This brand represents the shift I experienced when I changed my mindset. I affirmed myself with positive words like, "You're an exceptional social dancer," or "You're an amazing follower, and leaders love dancing with you." Eventually, my affirmations became a reality, and I'm now a proud follower!

So, this t-shirt is to empower you. You can experience the magic of connection too! The best part is that the t-shirts are simple and versatile so you can rock these positive affirmations in and out of the dance classroom.


- Lider x Falouer



Custom Art Image: Archana Makwana 



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