10 Words of Affirmation to Say to Your Leader

For many couples, communication challenges inevitably show up in partner dancing.

We love the infamous meme that shows a couple in a therapy session. When the therapist asks them to identify the problem in their relationship, they both use inflammatory "you" statements against one another. "You don't know how to lead!" "You don't know how to follow!"

While a therapy session with a licensed professional is the appropriate setting to discuss your relationship problems, couples often bring the same energy to dance settings.

The dance classroom reminds us to be mindful of the energy we bring into the dance because energy is transferable.

When communication issues arise (because they will), we're challenging couples to be patient with each other and to express kind words. The goal of partner dancing is to connect, not to create more distance and friction.

So to our fellow followers, here are 10 words of affirmation to say to your leader.

  1. Thank you for the wonderful dance
  2. I feel a great connection with you and the music
  3. I feel comfortable following you
  4. You're my favorite leader to dance with
  5. You're doing your best 
  6. Thank you for protecting me and having my back on the dance floor
  7. I love dancing with you
  8. I appreciate you leading the dance and getting me out of my head
  9. I enjoyed that pattern you led
  10. I feel the right amount of energy from your leads

Leaders, we're not letting you off the hook here because partnership is a two-way street. Look out for a follow-up post about the words of affirmation to say to a follower.

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