Designing My Life

My story is no different from many of you. For most of my life, I've walked the traditional path. As you can guess, I checked all the right boxes on paper. I went to school, got good grades, repeated the process and got a master's degree, incurred some debt, got a steady job, and lived the American dream.

Despite looking great on paper, I felt lost in life. I was in my mid-twenties and thought that I should've had life figured out by then. I was working at a secure firm, but felt trapped. What's crazy is that everything seemed perfect - great pay, great work-life balance, and a great culture. This was the perfect job to work the next 30 years and retire. Yet, something felt missing. I made a difficult decision to leave security behind and never looked back.

Around the time I quit my job, I decided to try something new. I found a local studio and took my first Salsa and Bachata classes. Little did I know the life-changing impact that social dancing would have on me.

Two years later, I'm no longer in the same space. I feel more aligned than ever with myself, others and the universe thanks to social Latin dance. I've rediscovered the beauty of connection in a world that seems disconnected at times. Therefore, I hope to inspire others to immerse in new experiences and enjoy the lifelong journey to connection too.

I've also learned that the voice we often ignore can create magic. That voice is within YOU, but you'll only hear it when you listen and connect to yourself.

That voice told me to design these empowering t-shirts to share with the world. So this brand is to connect me and you!


- Lider x Falouer