Shipping x Fulfillment


Order delays

Lider x Falouer hopes you are safe, healthy and social dis[dancing]! Thank you for supporting this brand during this challenging time. As you know, the world has been adapting to a new normal and the global distancing measures have affected this brand and its fulfillment partner. Therefore, order fulfillment and shipping can take up to an estimated 30 business days.

This brand can't wait to see you rocking your t-shirt at home until we can dance together in the same space again!

Each t-shirt is custom-made and takes an average of 2 to 7 business days to create. Please note that fulfillment time does not include shipping.

At this time, Lider x Falouer only offers flat rate shipping for all orders. The average shipping time depends on the destination.

Side-Note: Lider x Falouer currently ships to all international countries, except Cuba, Iran, Crimeria, Syria and North Korea.

Average shipping times for the flat rate shipping method:

United States: 3-4 days
Canada: 6-10 days
International: 7-14 days

Customs fees
Shipments to international countries may incur customs fees. Fees vary and are determined by factors such as country limits, order value, etc. The customer is responsible for customs fees. Therefore, Lider x Falouer recommends that you review your country's laws before placing your order.

Side-Note: Depending on your country, you might receive an invoice for customs fees after the delivery of your order. The customer is responsible for the full payment of any fees including customs fees itemized on the invoice. Lider x Falouer will not pay or refund the customer for such fees.